Tuesday, 12 November 2013

3D Vehicle Cutaways

A handful of 3D modelled vehicle cutaways generated for various project purposes, presentations, proposals, proof of concept prototype etc.

That will do for updates for now, at least we have something tangible to show for the last few months during which we have been exceptionally quiet on our blog....!

3D Phone Handsets

Continuing the trend for themed submissions, this is a set from development 
of 3Ds to support a new range of mid level phone handsets.

Modular Accommodation

3D Visuals of Modular Accommodation of Various Types, to provide 
rapid, lower cost accommodation which fits with modern needs.

Helicopter Hangars

Helicopter Maintenance Hanger Facilities in a Range of 3D Schemes.

Hotel Scheme

A glass fronted hotel scheme using modular construction technology for a fraction of the build time.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Medical Response Vehicles

A short post just to offer a mixed bag of 3D vehicle concepts concerning the provision of mobile medical capabilities, as there have been several throughout the course of the year so far.

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